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Science tutoring for Primary and Secondary Levels

Covering the UK school curriculum

What is covered?

Years 2 to 6 (7-11 years old - Primary Schools):

Plants, Animals, Rocks, Light, Forces and Magnets, States of matter, Sound and Electricity, Earth and Space, Evolution and Inheritance, Fossils, Reproduction and Adaptation, and Electricity.

Years 7 to 9 (11-14 years old - High schools): Topics include from Biology, Chemestry and Physics are: Life processes, humans, plants, variations, environment, materials, patterns of behaviour, electircity, forces and motion, light and sound, earth and beyond, energy .

In Year 9, pupils that have completed KS3(lower high school) syllabus are moved to GCSE (or iGCSE) work and start to go through the GCSE syllabus in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Year 10 and 11 (14-16 years):iGCSE or GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are taught and encourgaed to make notes and learn these for tests and exam preperation. Exam boards covered include: OCR, Edexcel and AQA.

Students are given exampapers reularly to help them prepare. There are also intenisve revison session available in term time and holidays.

Who teaches?

Qualified teacher with 10 years experience in teaching Science.

How assessed?

Tasks are given in class and homework is given, reviewed and feedback is provided. Back to top

Online and In-Person Science Tutoring Options

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