Reading Club

Uk - Depart for Education research findings are:

"Evidence suggests that there is a positive relationship between reading frequency, reading enjoyment and attainment"

Clark 2011; Clark and Douglas 2011

"Since reading is an ability that can be improved, our findings have implications for reading instruction. Early remediation of reading problems might aid not only the growth of literacy, but also more general cognitive abilities that are of critical importance across a person’s lifetime.”

Dr Stuart Ritchie, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Recent UK government research highlights that reading is a very good way to improve learner grades.

  • 1 UK CRB Security Checked & fully qualified teacher
  • 2 Catch up classes
  • 3 In person and Live Online classes

English Reading club - online and onsite

Why read with us? Your child will

* Build reading habits by our coaching

* Improve in reading fluency and accuracy

* Taught by experienced and qualified teacher and Criminal Record Bureau(CRB) Checked

* Learn to Speak and Listen in groups - build confidence

* Read high quality texts (including classical books) and build understanding so to improve performace at school

Price: £90 per monthly , 3 times a week, each session is 20min

Monday , Wednesday and Friday usually 7:00 to 7:30pm.

In person or live online.

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If necesarry, we do reading diagnostics to check where your child is, so we can help them to imporve their readings.

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More information

Reading is one of the most important activities that can help children progress in their academia and later life learning habits. This program will help your child learn to read text from a variety of backgrounds and excel in their comprehension.
Joining our reading club will help your child to:

* Explore high-quality texts - including traditional texts
* Solve difficult vocabulary and expressions
* Build confidence in their approach to text and become independent
* Build good reading habits
* Analyze and make opinions about texts
* Increase the sophistication of texts incrementally
* Vocalize what they have understood

Examples of texts we will read:

* Newspapers
* Classical Stories
* Reports
* Speeches
* Brochures

Reading Club

English Reading Club

What is covered?

We all know the importance of reading. In the Reading Club - your child will be guided by a teacher to read texts to gradually increase their reading levels.
Elements of speaking and listening are incorporated as this is central to develop language.
Books include classical fiction and nonfiction, that are taught and recommended by highly respected teachers.

Who teaches?

Qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching English.


Online - go to live class at the top of the page when it's your lesson time and onsite (see location).


South Harrow Time and Day
Reading Club Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7pm-7:30pm UK Time
one to one. Individual timing arranged.

How assessed?

As an assessment, the teacher will verbally ask questions to pupils to check understanding. This is deliberately kept simple so as to encourage pupils to enjoy reading and not be put off reading because of lengthy assessments.

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We will start the lesson by sharing a text (you can also purchase the hard copies) and the group will take turns in reading. The teacher will explain the vocabulary and meaning of the text. The classes will run for three times a week, and each session will be 30 minutes.

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